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Baby Knits!

Episode 20: Babies, Sprogs, Spawn, Offspring, Etc.

 It’s an exciting month, with a new giveaway and Knit Along to announce! Also we discuss some of our favorite baby patterns and our favorite fibers to use for baby knits. News Washcloth Patterns giveaway – Michelle Bernard Join us in our Back to Hogwarts Harry Potter sock along! Cast on is September 1st! Prizes lovingly donated by Brenda…


Episode 11: Thankful

Our topic for this month is being thankful. Tis the season, so buckle up for some real cheese. Regular content is here like Finished Objects, WIPs, Cast Ons, Stash Enhancements, and The UnFuck It Along! Unfuckit-along prizes Boo Knits Collection Oink Pigments FOs Ber’s Veritaserum House Cup Socks So Faded Sweater Stripes Shaelyn Shawl Another bag of holding Hitchhiker WIP’s…

Fair Isle Pokemon Hat

Episode 3: Fandoms Part 1 – Fandoms in Knitting

In Part 1 of our two-part series on Fandoms, we discuss our favorite fandoms and how our knitting has been inspired by said fandoms. Other topics include; finished objects, WIPs, new projects, and plenty of tangents. FO’s Blossom Ber’s Wurm Nothing Says Screw You WIP’s Ber’s Tosh Shawl Em’s Tosh Shawl Erin’s Tosh Shawl Kirsten’s Socks Slipped Saami Zimtschnecke Mookari Snowbird Braid…