Episode 24: Party at StevenBe’s!

You finally get to hear some of the interviews we took during the StevenBe Vogue Knitting Live Launch Party! We interview Steven Berg*, Talitha Koumi, our fan Heather, Aetherfang, and Nathan Taylor*. We interviewed so many people that we can’t fit them all in this episode so you’ll get more next month!




Cast On
  • New Mitten Design
  • Ber is Mad for Plaid

Vogue Knitting Live MN Stash Enhancement






  • The StevenBe interview is from 0:17:55 to 0:37:11 if you would like to skip it.

Talitha Kuomi


Tania Richter

Nathan Taylor*

  • The Sockmatician interview is from 1:06:40 to 1:24:56 if you want to skip it.

Valkyrie Fibers

*We recorded this episode in November of 2018. It includes interviews with Steven Berg AKA StevenBe and Nathan Taylor aka Sockmatician.  We no longer want to support either of these men because of the harm they have caused and failed to apologize sufficiently for. If you are confused and not aware of what happened with Steven Berg we direct you to our Instagram post with the words “Owning Our Mistakes” in the image. If you are  not aware of what happened with Nathan Taylor we direct you to our Instagram post with the words “Full Disclosure” in the image. We are not deleting the interviews that follow because we felt it would be dishonest to make it seem like we had never interacted with/gotten along with Nathan or Stephen in the past. We want to be as upfront and transparent about this as possible. Links to their websites have been taken off of the show notes for this episode. Time stamps are included here in the shownotes and in the audio so you can skip their interviews. We are committed to doing better in the future and we will be more throughly vetting our interviews in episodes to come.

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