Episode 28: Needle Cults – Which One Are You In?

For our big topic this month we dived into the world of needles. Listen to us reminisce about our firsts, bicker about our favorites, pros and cons of particular brands, and which ones we like for different projects. Its also Erin’s birthday this month so please go bug her as much as possible. She can be found on Ravelry and Instagram.





  • Emily’s Sparkle
  • Madtosh MKAL shawl 2019

Stash Enhancement

  • Quick disclaimer: We recorded this episode in March 2019 and are about discuss Nathan Taylor aka Sockmatician’s edition of Moody Hues yarn. We want to be clear that we do not support Nathan’s recent actions on Instagram or at the Yarningham show. He needs to apologize for the harm he has caused and own his mistakes. If you are confused and not aware of what happened we direct you to our Instagram post with the words “Full Disclosure” in the image. There is an audio disclaimer in the episode telling you where to skip to if you don’t want to hear us talking about Nathan.
  • Valkyrie Fibers Custom DK Fade



  • Clair March 13, 2019 at 1:32 am

    I NEED Graeter’s black raspberry chocolate chunk ice cream ( originally from Cincy, transplanted to Chicago ‘burbs)! As you guys were talking about it, I’m knitting a sweater that suddenly looks like the same color, and is seriously got me craving!

    Started on Boye straight them Clover DPN’s. Now use mostly ChiaoGoo interchangeables ( they have a new short sock set), but I do mostly cabled stuff and I like sharp tips, so I also have a calus and/ or hole in my right indexvfingertip. Haven’t tried Flexiflips, but have thought about it.

    For occasional unscrewing issues, Chiaogoo makes heart-shaped grippy things to get them nice and tight. Amazon has them. $5 or so, and I think they were on Prime.

    I’m thinking about trying the Comfort Fade Cardi. I need an indigo blue fade sweater in my life! Post some pics of how that baby is coming along – I wanna see!

    Love that you guys are twice a month now. Wanna go for three? 😆

    • Emily O'Brien March 15, 2019 at 9:32 am

      They apparently have some locations in the Chicagoland area, maybe you’ll be able to satisfy your craving!

      Yesssss cult of ChiaoGoo.

      Haha it’s nice to know that we are loved! We don’t have plans for a 3rd episode a month yet 😛 There is a goal in our Patreon that would add a quarterly YouTube video podcast though.


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