Episode 33: See You Next Tuesday!

It’s our second episode of the month which means we have a new swear of the month to talk about, most recent Google searches to share, signal boosts to shout out, and a homework assignment! Then we round the whole thing out with some blather about Mammoth Cave, graduation, and give you some bonus homework.

Beers: New Belgium Tangerine IPA

Thanks to our new Patrons: Sam R., Ursula B., Clair D., and Tasmin K.

Swear of the Month: Cunt

Signal Boost

Amber: Elizabeth Moon

Erin: Pawley Studios

Emily: Lady Parts Justice League

Non Knitting WIPS


Double crochet! Flat double crochet for beginners, double crochet in the round for people who want to try it out. We are recommending the Simple Bag pattern by Ali Crafts Designs for those of you who want to make a dice bag!

Next Month’s Homework is… Pom Poms! Make a pom pom, stick it on something or don’t, we don’t care just make all the poms!

Bonus homework: Ask Chad to update the Fuck This Knit theme song!

Chad’s Instagram: @obrientrombone

Chad’s Website: www.obrientrombone.com


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