Episode 35: Pom Battle!

It’s our second episode of the month which means we have a new swear of the month to talk about, most recent Google searches to share, signal boosts to shout out, and a homework assignment!


  • Amber: Braxton Jam Session
  • Emily: Schlafly Coconut Cream
  • Erin: Trader Joes Pineapple Juice

Thanks to our new Patrons: Imriel B, Laura H, Vanessa P.

Swear of the Month: Faen

Google Search: (yes you have to google them yourself…. lazy fuckers)

  • Dadant entrance reducer
  • Louisville Zoo Zoofari
  • Korean skin care

Signal Boost

Non Knitting WIPS



Pom Poms! Make a pom pom, stick it on something or don’t, we don’t care just make all the poms!

New Homework: Double knitting. Do a thing! CoffeePretties? Niffler?

Bonus homework: Ask Chad to update the Fuck This Knit theme song!

Chad’s Instagram: @obrientrombone

Chad’s Website: www.obrientrombone.com


  • Jenny June 25, 2019 at 9:18 am

    This episode is so hard to listen to because Amber is not on the microphone ~ so 1 person is whispering and 2 people are shouting!

    • Amber Gustafson July 8, 2019 at 8:41 pm

      This seems to be the overwhelming majority. We will be going back to our regular mode of recording. Thanks for listening!


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