Episode 41: We Have Bad Russian Accents

Join us for some really bad Russian accents, google searches, the swear of the month, WIPs, homework, and general chatter.

Sponsor for the Episode: Mohair De Mimi




  • Emily: New Holland Ichabod
  • Amber: Founders All Day IPA
  • Erin: Do the Dew

Thanks to our new Patrons: Deannie O, Melinda W., Melissa R., Kate E, Kate D, Nancy B, Kate C, Debi J, Kimberly S, Allison C

Swear of the Month: Putain

Google Search: 

  • Let me sing the song of my people
  • Hero Forge
  • IT movie times

Signal Boost

Non Knitting Fos

Non Knitting WIPs


Triple Crochet… Again

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