Episode 49: Frak It!


  • Emily: Platform Brewing Co LED Lager
  • Amber: H2Roads Cranberry Lime
  • Erin: Urban Artifact Landline

Patrons:  Melissa G., Grayson O., Britany M., Perla J., Rachelle M., Debra D., Kathryn K-B, Brandy G., Jess H.

Swear: Frak

Google search:

  • Emily – Disney Codenames
  • Amber – Alton Brown Cookie Recipe
  • Erin – Breakfast Casserole

Signal Boost

GoFundMe for Dawn Landis
Coziest Memories Blanket for Dawn



  • Amber’s attempted weaving project – RIP

What are you watching

  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Yuri On Ice
  • Fruits Basket (New)
  • DS9 Season 6
  • Fruits Basket (Old)
  • Critical Role

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