Episode 53: Alone Together

We had to mix up our regular recording methods due to social distancing! We recorded this all in our own homes, but were able to look at each other via video chat. We talk about our swear of the month, Google searches, Signal Boosts, alternative WIPs, and what we’re watching. Warning, the end of the episode really devolves into a huge discussion of Animal Crossing New Horizons.



  • Emily: Gravely Dubbel Rainbow
  • Amber: Bourbon in tea
  • Erin: Urban Artifact Astrolabe

Thank You New Patrons: Rox R., Susan M., Marcela H., Xuan D., Mara N., Elysia H., Diane P., Rebecca S., Eli B., Karen B., Laura C., Elizabeth R., Sara C.

Swear: Tit

Google Search

  • Emily: Squadcast
  • Amber: Vincent Price
  • Erin: Fany dice bag

Signal Boost


  • Bunny/Malabrigo Yarn
  • Once Upon A Time Cross Stitch
  • Darning Socks
  • Spinning


  • Spotted Circus Fluff
  • Ripple Crochet scrap blanket

What We Are Watching

  • Interior Design Challenge
  • DS9
  • Frozen 2
  • Playing – Animal Crossing New Horizons
  • Mandalorian
  • Homicide Hunter


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