Episode 55: We Swear This Podcast Is Not Just About Animal Crossing and Pretty Dice Sets Now

This episode we have a new swear of the month for you, shitgibbon. Plus we chat about our Google Searches and Signal Boosts. Some of which may involve some Animal Crossing and pretty dice sets. We discuss our non-knitting FOs, WIPs, and starts (which includes some sewing, whaaaaaat?!) And we get into all the TV we’ve been watching while we’re sheltering in place.


  • Emily: Sunergos Coffee
  • Amber: Coffee
  • Erin: Ginger blonde tea

Thank You New Patrons: Lindsay T, Alan H, Candace H, Sarah B, Eileen M


Google Search

  • Emily: Animal Crossing Custom Patch
  • Amber: Lee Pace
  • Erin: Wild Eggs

Signal Boost



  • Once Upon A Time Cross Stitch
  • Ber Spinning
  • Spotted Circus Fluff

What We Are Watching

  • Aladdin
    • all of them, even the new one
  • Lion King
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The Sand
  • Two-Headed Shark Attack
  • Star Trek: Next Generation
  • Billy on the Street

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