Episode 57: OOO Shiny!


This episode we chat about our Google Searches, Signal Boosts, and all the TV we’ve been watching while we’re sheltering in place. We also discuss our non-knitting FOs, WIPs, and starts (and funks).


  • Emily: Trader Joe’s Sparkling Watermelon Juice
  • Amber: Morning Bike Ride Coffee
  • Erin: Mt Dew

Thank You New Patrons: Meghan S., Anna M., Jessica B., Heather R., Ducky Dame, Lydia A.

Swear: We somehow totally forgot to record our swear, even though we had one picked out and everything!

Google Search

  • Emily: Chicken coop colors
  • Amber: JumpStart PC
  • Erin: Basmati Rice

Signal Boost


  • Once Upon A Time Cross Stitch
  • Ber Spinning

What We Are Watching

  • Friday the 13th
  • Avatar (the good one)
  • Star Trek: Next Gen
  • Hobbit
  • LOTR
  • Sinister
  • In the Tall Grass
  • Resident Evil

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  • mildlygranola May 26, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    My 4 &.5 year old love ABC Mouse. I recommend it.


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