Episode 63: Is it Fall Yet?

We just want it to be Halloween! We talk about non-knitting WIPs, what we’re watching, and more. We also go off on a yarn shopping tangent.


  • Emily: Guinness
  • Amber: Braxton Summer Trip
  • Erin: Urban Artifact Gadget

Thank You New Patrons: Kiley B, Tracey H, Sara H, Beth G, Ashley M, Mary W

Swear: Bedswerver

Google Search

  • Emily: Remoulade
  • Amber: Dasha Barbour
  • Erin: Convertable coffee table

Signal Boost

What We Are Watching

  • Nurses Who Kill
  • Vatican Tapes
  • Charmed (old)
  • Umbrella Academy
  • Clone Wars
  • The House of the Witch
  • Supernatural
  • Devil’s Gate


  • Masks


  • Erin Cross Stitch


  • Ber Cross Stitch

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